The Meme God of BRC20

YISU has arrived to bless your wallets and achieve gen wealth through memes with immense swag brooo!


YISU knows it all and has powersss, so theress simplyy no one betterrr, period


Our Divine Plan

thought you weree getting a uselesss 30-page whitepaperr? surpriseee! just need a couple of linesss

Rememberr that my dad built the world in 7 dayss so this is a piece of cakee hahaha

Unleash Your Swag with YISU

mint outt! poweredd by the bestt network on BRC20 and drivenn by the communityy

No Roadmap, No Bullshit

no roadmapp, no WL, just swaggg: join to the best meme everrr on BRC20

Some Unimportant Data

21 millionn tokenss like bitcoin... secure your spott and let YISU bless your walletsss with gen wealthh

YISU's 10 commandments


1. thou shalt holdd thy YISU with unwavering faithh
2. thou shalt spread the swaggg of YISU far and widee
3. thou shalt meme responsiblyy, with humor and creativityy
4. thou shaltt support thy fellow YISU believersss
5. thou shalt not sell in haste, for patience brings wealthh
6. thou shalt followw @yisu_token on Twitter and TG for divine updatess
7. thou shalt stayyy tuned for epicc collabss
8. thou shalt rememberr that YISU knows all and blesses all walletss
9. thou shalt embraceee the powerrr of memes to buildd a legendary communityy
10. thou shalt riseee above the ordinaryyy and embrace the extraordinaryy

may the swaggg be with youu, my felloww YISU discipless 🙌

Spread the word


gotta have the dankestt YISU memes and stickers ready to gooo. spread the word and attract new disciples with swagg

Meet our Partners

Our Awesome Collabs

checkk out which projectss are worthy of YISU's swaggg for epicc collabs. lets join uss!

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